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potting soil

Graco Fertilizer Company is happy to offer a variety of potting soil mixes, both vendor-supplied and house-blended, to accommodate everyone from large scale nurserymen and growers to smaller scale landscapers and homeowners. 

For our customers desiring bagged potting soils, Graco supplies a variety of vendor-supplied Berger™ and Sun Gro® Horticulture growing mixes to meet the needs of a broad range of growers. 

For growers desiring custom-blended potting soils, Graco Fertilizer Company is pleased to offer our expertise in creating a custom potting soil mix based on growing needs or customer supplied specifications. We offer a large variety of blending materials to choose from, and custom-blended potting soils are available for scheduled pickup or delivery*, and are sold, loose, or bulk, by the cubic yard.  

Graco also offers several house-stocked potting soil blends available for immediate pickup or delivery*. These in-stock potting soil blends are also sold loose, or bulk, and are available for purchase by the cubic yard. 


*All custom potting soil blends are available for sale ONLY in truckload quantities (30-90 cubic yard loads). Please give us a call for pricing information for either pickup, or delivery to your location. 

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