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Graco Fertilizer Company is pleased to offer a large selection of specialty fertilizers to accommodate various growers, landscapers, and homeowners, alike. Here at Graco, we can custom blend any fertilizer to your specifications, or create a custom-blended analysis* based on soil sample results.

For retail suppliers, Graco Fertilizer Company can add your company logo, company name, or custom graphic to our fertilizer bag labels, and is happy to work with you to create the perfect fertilizer label, suitable for advertisement and sale at your nursery, garden center, or retail store*.

Graco also stocks a large assortment of house fertilizer blends, available for immediate pick up or delivery. Our house blend "deluxe" fertilizers contain a complete minor element package, which provide additional nutrients needed to help plants flourish. Our fertilizers which are not labeled "deluxe" or "with minor elements" will contain only the standard nitrogen, phosphate, and potash.


*Please note, there is a 20- 50 lb. bag (half ton) minimum order required for all custom labeled or blended fertilizer analyses.


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