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pasture/feed grade fertilizers

For a good, all-purpose pasture fertilizer, or a fertilizer for your crop plantings that will also make it possible not to have to introduce more nitrogen, Graco Fertilizer Company recommends our:



20-8-12 with Urea

20-10-10 Graco with Urea



10-10-10 Horse Pasture with Minors (No Urea)

10-10-10 Horse Pasture without Minors (No Urea)

12-6-10 Garden & Pasture with Ammonium Nitrate

20-8-12 with Ammonium Nitrate Horse Pasture Deluxe

20-8-12 with Ammonium Nitrate Horse Pasture Regular

20-10-10 Graco with Ammonium Nitrate


*The above listed fertilizers constitutes a sampling of blended fertilizer products that are stocked, or are available for blending by Graco Fertilizer Company. Most fertilizers are available in your choice of 50 pound bags or bulk, with select fertilizers available in 20 pound bags. Please call us at (800) 343-5620 for current availability and pricing of all fertilizers. 

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