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vendor supplied fertilizers

Graco Fertilizer Company is proud to stock and special order an assortment of the brand name fertilizer blends you have come to know and trust. Graco is an authorized dealer of EverrisTMcontrolled release fertilizers, including the ever popular Osmocote®, as well as Florikan® controlled release fertilizers, including FlorikoteTM and NutricoteTM blends. Graco also stocks eco-friendly Milorganite® organic nitrogen fertilizer.


For information regarding fertilizers available from EverrisTM or Florikan® offered for immediate purchase from Graco Fertilizer Company, or by special order with a one ton minimum purchase, please click on the following PDF product availability guides:

EverrisTM Controlled Release Fertilizer Product Availability Guide

Florikan® Controlled Release Fertilizer Product Availability Guide


For information regarding Milorganite® organic nitrogen fertilizer available at Graco Fertilizer Company for purchase, please click on the following labels: 

Milorganite® 6-2-0 Classic Grade 50#

Milorganite® 6-2-0 Micro SGN 100 Greens Grade 50#


For additional information regarding EverrisTM and Florikan® controlled release fertilizers, COMPO® Fertilis® NPK complex fertilizers, and Milorganite® organic nitrogen fertilizers, please visit each company's website at the following links:





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