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Graco Fertilizer Company is proud to stock a variety of miticides available for immediate purchase. We will also special order miticides at our customers' request with a one (1) case minimum order.

The following list of miticides constitutes a sampling of the variety of products that are stocked, or are available for special order, by Graco Fertilizer Company. Please call us at (800) 343-5620 for current availability and pricing of all miticides.


Abamectin (1 QT/1 GL)

Akari 5 SC (1 QT)

Ardent™ 0.15 EC (1 QT)

Avid® 0.15 EC (8 OZ/1 QT/1 GL)

Floramite® SC (8 OZ/1 QT)

Hexygon® DF (6 OZ)

Judo™ (8 OZ)

Kelthane/Dicofol 4-E (2.5 GL)

Lucid® (1 QT)

Mavrik Aquaflow® (1 QT)

Ovation SC (1 PT)

Promite 50 WP (1 LB)

Saf-T-Side® (2.5 GL)

Sanmite® (4 OZ)

Shuttle™ O (1 PT)

Sirocco™ (8 OZ)

TetraSan® 5 WDG (16 OZ)


Need additional label or MSDS information?

Please visit the CDMS Agro-Chemical database, here.



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